C.E.O.'s Message

Mrs. Shradha. Suhane

C.E.O. VIST, Bhopal

It is my proud privilege to welcome you to the web site of Vidhyapeeth Institute of Science and Technology Bhopal. You are the third batch of students at Vidhyapeeth Institute of Science & Technology, that is committed to making a difference in your life with best in class Engineering Education and memorable College experience. 

Success comes from hard work and sincere effort. In todays world of globalization and all round competition one has to excel to be counted. It is our dream to raise Vidhyapeeth Institute of Science & Technology to international status. This can and will be achieved through the efforts of our faculty, staff and all the students. Apart from imparting a world class Engineering Education, Vidhyapeeth College experience will nurture and develop distinctive talents and interests of the students, and motivate them to find not one, but many ways to use their education to make our world a better place. It is for sure that our students when they pass through the portals of Vidhyapeeth, will forever remain proud of the fact that they were here.

We at Vidhyapeeth will aspire to teach you a determination to follow your passing in service of the common good, open to new ideas, and a willingness to engage in civil discourse with integrity and mutual respect, I also expect you will continue to do what you have done so well until now, excelling in your education and extra-circular activities. 

I have an open door policy. Please come forward with your suggestions and comments in making Vidhyapeeth an envious campus. 

I look forward to an enriching and wonderful academic year. 

With Warm wishes,

Mrs. Shradha. Suhane

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