Student Support
Student Mentor Program
VIST believes in the capability of every single student, who has secured an admission in any of its courses. In order to rescue students of their difficulties faced in academics, we have set-up a Teacher Guardian(L), supporting students at risk of not making a successful semester transition. Students can consult the teachers assigned under the program in full confidentiality and can discuss their problems, helping them in improving their academic performance.

Anti Ragging Policy
Ragging, for the purposes of this ordinance, shall ordinarily mean any act, conduct or practice by which the dominant power or status of senior students is brought tbear upon the students whare in any way considered junior or inferior by the former and includes individual or collective acts or practices which:
  1. Involve physical assault or threat tuse physical force.
  2. Violate the status, dignity and honor of students, in particular, women students and those belonging ta scheduled caste or a scheduled tribe.
  3. Expose students tridicule or contempt or commit an act which may lower their self esteem.
  4. Entail verbal abuse, mental or physical torture, aggression, corporal punishment, harassment, trauma, indecent gesture and obscene behavior.
  • Ragging in any form shall be strictly prohibited within the premises of the University, a school or an institution, as the case may be, or in any part of the University system as well as on public transport, or at any other place, public or private.
  • Any individual or collective act or practice of ragging shall constitute an act of gross indiscipline and shall be dealt with under the provisions of the ordinance-19 on ‘Maintenance of Discipline among Students’ and /or law
  • The Dean of the School or the Chancellor of the institution, as the case may be, shall, without fail, take immediate action on the receipt of any information that ragging has taken place or is likely to take place.
  • Notwithstanding anything contained in the above clause, The Chief Warden or The Registrar may also Suo motu inquire into any incident of ragging or likelihood of such incident and make a report to the Vice-Chancellor clearly pinpointing, among other details, the identity of the student or the students who were involved in the incident and the nature of the incident, provided that such information must be submitted in strict confidence.
  • The Head of the Discipline Committee, as the case may be, may also submit an interim report to the Vice-Chancellor establishing the identity of the perpetrators of ragging and the nature of the incident.
  • If the Head of the Discipline Committee is satisfied that for any reason, to be recorded in writing, it is not feasible to hold an inquiry, he may so advise the Vice-Chancellor accordingly.
  • Where the Vice-Chancellor is satisfied, on receipt of a recommendation to this effect or otherwise, that it is not expedient to hold an inquiry into an incident of ragging, he shall order accordingly for reasons to be recorded in writing.
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