Rules & Regulations

Student Rules & Regulations

In keeping with the tradition of the institution, all students of Vidhyapeeth Institute of Science & Technology will maintain discipline and decorum in the campus and refrain from any activity that can tarnish the reputation of the institution. Violation of this will result in inviting disciplinary action under any Act/law/rule as per RGTU/Govt. of M.P. regulation. Any infringement of rules given below will attract fines / penalty / suspension/ rustication/ expulsion depending on the severity of the crime. The list is not exhaustive. Rules may be added or amended from time to time, as and when directives or received from government or any law enforcing authority.
  1. Ragging in any form or at any time is banned in the campus, hostel or any place outside and all senior students will adhere to this rule. 
  2. Ragging is a cognizable offence and the offender/s will be reported to the nearest police station. The Institution will take strict disciplinary action which could be suspension/ rustication/ expulsion. 
  3. Smoking, use of alcohol, narcotics and any intoxicating substance are strictly prohibited both inside the campus and hostel. 
  4. No student will chew paan, tobacco, pan masala or gutkha in the campus or hostel. 
  5. Students will enter a class in progress after obtaining permission from the person conducting the class. 
  6. Students are not allowed to use cell phone within academic boundaries or to keep cell phone in their bags inside the college that too in silent or switch off mode.
  7. Possession and use of mobile phones in the campus are to be strictly avoided. 
  8. Students using the two wheelers will not allow in college campus. 
  9. All Students are advised to maintain the environment clean and not to liter the campus.
  10. Vehicles should be parked in the parking area only. 
  11. Identity card, and Driving License should always be kept on person by the students and produced on demand by the authorities. 
  12. Students should come to the classroom in decent and presentable uniform as specified by the institute.
  13. Writing on walls, toilets, roads and pasting of posters on the wall are strictly banned. 
  14. No student will damage or destroy any public, private or institutional property. 
  15. College tuition fee, exam fee & other charges should be paid well in time to avoid any last moment embarrassment.
  16. Do not bring any political influence in any matter pertaining to your career. 
  17. Discipline and decorum should be maintained in institute at all times.
  18. Strikes, picketing, procession, sloganeering, Gherao, dharna, burning of effigy are banned in the campus.
  19. No student will indulge in any activity which may harm the peaceful atmosphere of the college. 
  20. Students will refrain from violence and using abusive language in any form may it be verbal, physical or by gestures. 
  21. Students will not indulge in teasing. 
  22. Students will not posses any pornographic material both in the college and hostel. 
  23. Students are banned from any anti national, anti-social activity, communalism & anti institutional activity.
  24. Use of Internet for the purpose other than academic related activities is banned.
  25. No. political activities will be permitted in the campus.
  26. Nobody will leave the campus without exposé permission of HOD or principal or Director. 
  27. Any student who is willfully and repeatedly insubordinate or argumentative or the authorities feel that the student's presence in the college would be detrimental to other students or the institution will be expelled by the college
  28. Whenever students have free time they must use their time judiciously in the Library, Computer Lab or in their classroom and not loiter around in the campus
  29. No student will misbehave with other students/Staff all such cases will be seriously dealt with. 
  30. All students are responsible for their personal belongings and the Institution will not be responsible for any loss or damage. 
  31. No student will borrow anything from anybody and no one will lend anything to anybody. 
  32. Students will not get books issued from the library on somebody else's name or card. 
  1. Malpractice of any kind will not be allowed during the internal/ University Examination. 
  2. Students who indulge in copying from neighbors with paper bits/Books/Notes/ Calculators/Cell Phones etc., will be severely dealt with as per prescribed University Norms and rules as applicable for all University/ Internal Examinations. 
  1. All students will come fully prepared for laboratory classes. 
  2. All students will be in the prescribed dress code of the lab. 
  3. Records should be brought and instruction should be followed accordingly. 
  4. A congenial atmosphere should be maintained during the laboratory classes.
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