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Department Of Electrical & Electronics

The Department of Electrical & Electronics which has a fine blend of renowned as well as young and dynamic personalities as faculty, is involved in providing quality education at Undergraduate (UG). It has a broad based UG curriculum. The syllabus of the courses is continuously updated (According to the university) and the laboratories modernized to reflect the rapid changes in technology



The Department is pursuing academic activities with the following goals and objectives: 
• Further up-gradation and technological modernization of Technocrats. 
• Encouraging teaching innovations through audio visual aids, computer interfaced projection etc. 
• Ability to perform experiments and to study and understand.



Our vision is to generate new knowledge through research and to facilitate technology transfer for the benefit of people, the nation, and the international community.



The mission of the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering is to serve society through excellence in education, research, scholarship, and public outreach. We strive to provide an education in electrical engineering for our students and instill in them the attitudes, values, and vision that will prepare them for lifetimes of continued learning and leadership in their chosen careers.


  • Basic Electrical Lab  - This lab is designed for the First year students. The major equipments of the lab are Induction Motors, Transformers, Trainer Kits for performing the practical’s. The labs are designed so that the first year students can easily understand the basics of electrical engineering.

  • Network Lab  -  The lab provides the knowledge of experimental verification of Theorems that are studied in theory classes. The lab contains all theorem related kits to perform the experiments.

  • Electrical Machines Lab  -  This lab provides the students with experimental verification of the theoretical concepts studied in the two courses, Electrical Machinery I and Electrical machinery II. Major equipments include DC Motors, Dc Generators, Synchronous Motor, Alternator, Transformer, Induction Motor etc. This laboratory makes contribution towards final year project work in the area of Electrical Machines & Drives.

  • Power System Lab  -   The lab is well equipped with all types of Circuit Breakers & Protection Devices which are required for practical’s.

  • Control System Lab  -   This Lab provides Different Kits like Stepper Motor kit, PID Controller etc. This lab is also equipped with Software like MATLAB to perform the experiments on software & hardware both.

  • Matlab & Simulation Lab  -   This Lab is dedicated to the students for the Software knowledge of Electrical students. The software’s are related to the Electrical Field itself. This lab also helps the students in making their major & minor projects during the course.

  • Electrical Workshop  -   This lab provides the basic knowledge of Electrical System. In this lab students learn basics things that are commonly used in regular practices like Knowledge of tools, & Electrical Fittings.

  • Electrical Instrument & Measurement Lab  -   This Lab is one of the part of course. Here Students learn to use the Engineering Instruments. They understand the logic of measurement. The major equipments of the lab are Energy Meter, Ammeter, Voltmeter etc.

  • Power Electronics Lab  -   This lab is related to the industrial Electronics. The major instruments of labs are Chopper Kit, Thyristor kit , SMPS Kit, Inverter Kit etc.

  • BE Project Lab  -   This lab is for developing the academics projects for the students. This lab helps the students to develops their innovative ides into real practical things. Lab provides all the necessary facilities to create the projects in the campus itself.
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