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Vidhyapeeth is Fully dedicated to promote research and development work in various fields like Robotics, Embedded Systems, Computing etc. Some of the work is described here:


COOLER WITHOUT KHUS (For Less water Consuption)


In this cooler khus has not used. For cooling purpose there are no. of open channels with 4-5 cm width fitted vertically, in which water follows in thin layer.. In this type of cooler water consumption is very low about 500 ml water is vaporized per hour and 5- 8 ‘c temp. Decreases.
Fabricated By:- Mr. Yogesh Patle (0531ME101129)




This project is based on the utilize wastage heat from it. An oven is fitted in series with the fridge in which condenser pipe line passes partially. Some part of heat is released inside the oven which is used for warming the food or heating the edible things. In this process no external heat source is required but also temperature is raised about 85 to 90 0c in half an hour.
Fabricated By:-  Mr. Deepak Kaushal (0531ME101033)




The wind profile power law is a relationship between the wind speeds at one height, and those at another .The power law is often used in wind power assessments where wind speeds at the height of a turbine must be estimated from near surface wind observations or where wind speed data at various heights must be adjusted to a standard height prior to use.
Fabricated By:-  Mr. Hari Shanker Tripathi (0531ME111045)




The concept of fruit drying employing the sun’s energy is not a new idea however it has not yet realized its full potential. The benefits of dehydrating fruits and vegetables are immeasurable. One such benefit is that dehydrated fruit weighs only an eighth as much as its fresh counterpart. Dried foods can be made from lower quality fruits and vegetables that might otherwise be wasted. If kept cool and dry after dehydration, the product will remain edible for several months.
Fabricated By:-  Harsh Tiwari ( 0531ME111046)




This cooler has fabricated without khus and consumption of water. In this a copper tube of diameter 6 mm is fixed outside of the fan body and water pump circulates the water inside it.
Due to convection process heat of the air is released to the water and cooled air flows in the room. This cooler can be placed in room also without creating humidity as the traditional coolers develop when these are placed inside the room. 
Fabricated By:-  Prabhunath  (0531ME111074)

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