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Department of BBA

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree is considered by many as the degree of the future. It is a professional degree that is rising in popularity among students who want to make a career in management right after their 12th standard exams.

This degree is also apt for students who want to pursue management studies after graduation.

With a BBA degree, they already have a strong base in management studies and they fare better than students who are not from a management background.

Beyond just education, the BBA degree has a lot of scope when it comes to careers. This is one of the few degrees where students can get high-paying jobs in management and administration right after graduation.

Future Scope of BBA Degree

  • The course has been designed by industry professionals who come from high ranking positions and have studied from the best universities.
  • The BBA course is regularly updated to incorporate the latest in the business world.
  • You get to choose specialisations early on, in which you are most likely to further study or pursue a career.
  • Your chances of getting a job right after graduation are a lot higher as compared to other degrees.