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To create conditions in which the institute can match to words achieving academic autonomy. To encourage the intellectual physical aesthetic and ethical development of student through the provision of appropriate resource.

Lab facilities of Mechanical Engineering Department

  • FM Lab - Under this Lab we study of the different type of flow of water. Power developed resistance offered and thrust provided by the water etc.
  • TOM Lab - This Lab helps in study of different types of mechanisms and relative motions between them and gear and mechanisms of cam and followers.
  • IC ENGINE - Under this Lab we study different types of engines like petrol, diesel and gas and their working. Failure of engines and alternatives fuels.
  • Thermal ENGG. Lab - Under this lab we study the different types of flow processes; power cycles properties of steam and gases.
  • Turbo Lab - This lab helps us to study the working of the different types of turbines and hydraulic machines. Working of HYDEL POWER PLANTS.
Courses Offered
B.Tech 90 Seats
Diploma 60 Seats
M Tech in Thermal Engineering 18 Seats
  • FM LAB HMT Lab - This lab gives the knowledge about the different modes of heat transfer and different types of heat exchanger apparatus.
  • RAC Lab - UNDER THIS LAB WE STUDY THE various types of refrigeration and air conditioning systems and psychometric.
  • DOM Lab - This lab gives the in formations about to regulate mean speed of an engine by using the governor and various types of mass balancing systems.
  • Vibration Lab - Under this lab we study the modes of vibrations and instruments use for measurement of vibration.
    Effect of vibrations on machines and their rectifications. Operation research and management Lab -Under this lab we study the methods of optimisations and various types of statically charts which are used in quality control in productions.
  • SOM Lab - This lab helps us to gain the knowledge about the strength of different types of materials and mechanics of materials. Study of different types of beams deflections and springs.
  • Production Lab - In this lab we study the different types of production processes and machines such as conventional and non-conventional like CNC MACHINES which are applicable in manufacturing in industries.