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Department of B.Com

Bachelor of Commerce or B.Com is the most popular undergrad course in the country. This course is done after 12th standard. For your 12th, you have to choose streams like commerce, science and arts, and the students who did commerce, continue in the stream by choosing B.Com. However, students of other streams are also allowed to opt for a B. Com and this happens as this course has a lot of scope for further studies and making careers.

One of the main advantages of the B.Com. degree is that you can find a good job and start a career right after graduation. You can also go for further studies for postgraduate degrees like MBA and PGDM. What you learn in your B.Com. degree forms as an excellent base for MBA and PGDM. Therefore, if you are thinking of doing B.Com. after 12th, you are on the right track for a good education.

Future Scope of B.Com Degree

  • After specialising in accounting subjects, you can become an accountant and land a good job.
  • Many companies are in constant need of good accountants and they also pay well
  • Owing to a B.Com. graduate’s knowledge of products, services, finance, accounting, and marketing, they do well in the field of marketing. Marketing jobs also come with additional perks like sales commissions.